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How intelligent automatic dishwashers work

By 70 C high temperature washing + air drying, DS cleaning system, 360 degree spray washing is more clean and hygienic, get rid of the troubles of washing dishes.

About 3L~6L of water is used for each cleaning, and 0.4 kW is used.

Disc bowl placement notes:

  • 1. Plate: The order of the dish is from right to left (the dish faces the left) Wide-spaced disc holder for higher or deeper dishes
  • 2. Bowl: The order of the dish rack is from left to right (the bowl is to the right)
  • 3. The dish bowl must be tilted forward, and the placement position is very important. The diameter will affect the cleanliness of the cleaning.
  • 4. Dishwasher does not need to put detergent, the dishwasher uses 70 C high temperature rinse, high water temperature is enough to dissolve grease, does not harm tableware, energy saving and environmental protection

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